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AGRO0006-1  Malherbology and weeds control

Duration :  21h Th, 3h Pr
Number of credits :  
Required preliminary complements to register in the Advanced Master in Tropical and Subtropical Culture Protection2
Required preliminary complements to Advanced Master in Plant and Animal Resource Management in tropical environment2
Lecturer :  N...
Language(s) of instruction :  
French language
Course contents :  
1. Weed knowledge: definition, noxiousness, harmfulness threshold. 2. Weeds biology, including propagation modes, ecology, population dynamics. 3. Non-chemical weed management techniques: physical (mechanical, thermal, others) and biological. 4. Chemical weeding: herbicides. 5. Integrated Weed Management (IWM) on crops, agricultural and in non-agricultural areas.
Learning outcomes of the course :  
Knowledge of basics of weed biology and ecophysiology and their noxiousness in cropping systems. Knowledge of chemical (herbicides) and non-chemical wyas to ensure weed population management in agricultural and non-agricultural ecosystems. Reasoning Integrated Weed Management strategies in terms of efficacy, environmental and biodiversity respect. After completing the course, the student is expected to: - Risks analyses of weed presence in agricultural and non-agricultural area; - Design an integrated weed control plan, taking into account efficacy, economical and environmental aspects.
Prerequisites and co-requisites/ Recommended optional programme components :  
VEGE0001-1 Fundementals in phytofarmacy
AGRO0001-1 Compared Agricultures
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :  
Lectures"ex cathedra" (21h) are largely illustrated with slideshows. Students are likely to answer questions at any times. Diverse "popular documents", intended for a wide audience are proposed to the students. 3h are dedicated to practical works on the field. Small groups of students learn to recognize weed seedlings, to make an inventory of weeds present in the field and to deduce weeding strategy to implement.
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :  
Recommended or required readings :  
NAYLOR,R.E.L., 2002,Weed Management Handbook, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford (UK). 424 pages. Hanf, M. Les adventices et leurs plantules. B.A.S.F.,AG, Ludwigshafen, 347 p. Tissot, M. et al (2006), Plantes, herbicides et desherbage. ACTA, Paris, 635p.
Assessment methods and criteria :  
Oral examination (100%)
Work placement(s) :  
Organizational remarks :  
Contacts :  
Bodson, Bernard (Professeur - Gestionnaire) Phytotechnie des Régions tempérées 081 62 21 40

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