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Academic year 2014-2015Value date : 12/05/2015
EDPH0645-2  Organization and management of leisure physical and sport activities (Part III)

Duration :  15h Th, 15h Ex.
Number of credits :  
Master in Motor Skills : General, Research Focus, 1st year3
Master in Motor Skills : Physical Education, Research Focus, 1st year3
Master in motor skills : general, professional focus in sport physiotherapy, 1st year3
Master in Motor Skills  : General, Professional Focus in Physical Activity, Health and Well Being, 1st year3
Master in Motor Skills  : Physical Education, Professional Focus in Sports Training and Preparation for High-level Compe, 1st year3
Master in Motor Skills  : Physical Education2
Lecturer :  Marc Cloes
Language(s) of instruction :  
French language
Organisation and examination :  
All year long
Course contents :  
Theoretical course
The notions approached at the time of this course complete those which have been developed in first two partims in BSM 3 and MSM 1. It proposes contents such:human resources, marketing, sponsoring, financial planning, analysis of orders regulating organization of sport, etc.
Practical course
They are based on students participation to various activities which are planned each year according to the opportunities (visit to sport organizations, training in developing projects relative to management of sport equipment, associations, events or trading companies,...).
Learning outcomes of the course :  
Theoretical course
-To perceive the role os sport managers in several types of sport organizations. -To acquire minimal competences in accountancy. -To analyse principles of human resources management. -To be able to develop a project relative to organization of a sport event. -To be able to develop a project relative to management of a sport association or equipment.
Practical course
-To put the notions approached at the time of the theoretical course into practice.
Prerequisites and co-requisites/ Recommended optional programme components :  
Contents of the two previous partims of this course (BSM 3 and MSM 1).
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :  
They comprise various aspects:
* Seminars focused on topics relative to sport management (marketing tools, sponsoring, remuneration, etc). * Preparation and defence of projects relative to organization and management of sport activities.
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :  
The planning of the course is presented at the beginning of the academic year. It is noteworthy that specific activities of partim III are planned during the first semester according to a calendar prepared each year.
Recommended or required readings :  
A pdf version of the slides proposed during the theoretical lessons is posted on the Website myULg. The same applies with some other documents exploited at the time of the sessions. In addition, the students will have to seek other information, according to recommendations' of the course's leader or his assistants.
Assessment methods and criteria :  
Preparation and defence of a sport management project and an oral question chosen at random. Consultation of all document needed is permitted for the project.
Work placement(s) :  
Organizational remarks :  
Any modification of the organization or the content of this course will be described during the first session.
Contacts :  
Course holder: Prof. Marc CLOES Institut Supérieur d'Education Physique et de Kinésithérapie - Bât. B21, Allée des Sports, 4, 4000 LIEGE Tel. : 04/366.38.80 Fax : 04/366.29.01 E-mail :
Staff: Jérôme ROMPEN, Assistant (04/366.38.96 -
Administrative support and Secretary: Catherine THEUNISSEN, Pedagogical coordinator (04/366.38.98 - Catherine MORSA, Secretary Tel. : 04/366.38.91 Fax : 04/366.29.01 E-mail :


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