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Academic year 2014-2015Value date : 12/05/2015
GEOG0209-3  Cultural and political geography

Duration :  30h Th, 15h Pr, 2,5d FW
Number of credits :  
Bachelor in geographical sciences, general orientation, 3rd year6
One-year preliminary programme leading to the Master Geographical Sciences, general orientation6
Lecturer :  Serge Schmitz
Language(s) of instruction :  
French language
Organisation and examination :  
Teaching in the first semester, review in January
Course contents :  
First, the course of cultural and political geography begins with the basic knowledge of political geography analysis. The concepts and the methods are illustrated in using several European and non-European cases at different scale. Starting from the genesis and the operating of Nation states, the course scrutinizes then the diversity of the life worlds. A special issue of the course is the understanding of the Belgian State.
Learning outcomes of the course :  
1. To grasp cultural and political dimension of spatial behaviours, especially regarding the production of cultural landscapes 2. To become critical on the political and scientific discourses 3. To use adequately the geopolitical concepts 4. To know the main issues and main methods of cultural geography 5. To understand the history and the running of Belgian institutions
Prerequisites and co-requisites/ Recommended optional programme components :  
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :  
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :  
The course is given on Monday from 9.15 a.m to 12.15 a.m. during the first quadrimester (Institute of Geography B11) First lecture on September 22.
The course combines lectures, debates and exercises.
The fieldworks take place in Brussels (Visit of Belgian Institutions) and in Metz one day during the fieldworks
Recommended or required readings :  
SCHMITZ S., 2012. Géographie culturelle et politique, Liège : Université de Liège, Faculté des sciences, 52 p.
+ Selection of papers recommended during the year
Assessment methods and criteria :  
Several reports during the year based on the exercises and fieldworks (3/8); Oral exam (5/8).
Work placement(s) :  
Organizational remarks :  
Contacts :  
Serge Schmitz
Université de Liège - Institut de Géographie
Sart Tilman - Bât. B11 - Bureau 1/21
Tél. : 04/366 56 29 - Fax : 04/366 57 70
E-mail :
Secrétariat : Chantal SARTO Tél. : 04/366 56.23


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