Study Programmes 2015-2016
Version 2014-2015
Financial Markets
Duration :
40h Th, 15h Pr
Number of credits :
Master en droit, à finalité spécialisée en gestion5
Bachelier en sciences économiques et de gestion5
Bachelier en ingénieur de gestion5
Master degree in Management5
Bachelier en sciences mathématiques5
Master in Mathematical Sciences5
Lecturer :
Georges Hübner, Danielle Sougné, Danielle Sougné
Language(s) of instruction :
French language
Organisation and examination :
Teaching in the first semester, review in January
Units courses prerequisite and corequisite :
Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program
Course contents :
The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the mechanics and economic characteristics of financial markets. The course proposes a typology of financial markets, then analyses theses markets and their products. This course serves as a basis for almost all subsequent advanced finance courses in corporate finance, portfolio management, banking and derivatives.
Part 1 :Introduction to financial markets
Part 2 : Equity markets Part 3 : Notions of portfolio management Part 4 : Derivatives markets Part 5 : Debt markets  
Learning outcomes of the course :
To provide an introduction to the mechanics and economic characteristics of financial markets.
To familiarize the students to Bloomberg.
To keep up with the financial news
Prerequisite knowledge and skills :
Elementary financial mathematics, notions in macroeconomics and microeconomics.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :
Exercise sessions
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :
Lectures (40h) Exercise Sessions (15h)
Recommended or required readings :
Slides available on the internet
Gitman & Joehnk, Fundamentals of Investing
Assessment methods and criteria :
Criteria of evaluation
  • Written exam, 1st and 2nd exam session
  • Group work
  • Obligatory presence at Exercise sessions. Active participation.
Work placement(s) :
Organizational remarks :
See comments in french
Contacts :
Teachers: D.Sougné, N1 Tél: 04/232.73.05 E-Mail :
G. Hübner, N1
E-Mail: g.hü

Assistants : Mathieu Hugues Teuwa E-Mail:
Joachim Davoli