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MATH0009-2  General mathematics
- Part A (S1 - Common courses)
- Part B (S2)

Duration :  Part A (S1 - Common courses) : 30h Th, 30h Pr
Part B (S2) : 30h Th, 30h Pr
Number of credits :  
Bachelor in chemical sciences, 1st year12
Bachelor in geographical sciences, general orientation, 1st year13
Bachelor in physics, 1st year13
One-year preliminary programme leading to the Master in Geographical Sciences, Climatology orientation14
Lecturer :  Part A (S1 - Common courses) : Françoise Bastin
Part B (S2) : Françoise Bastin
Coordinator :  Françoise Bastin
Language(s) of instruction :  
French language
Organisation and examination :  
All year long
Course contents :  
See the two parts of the course

Part A (S1 - Common courses)

The course is devoted to a study of basic concepts of real analysis, vectors, analytic geometry. As a summary, one can say that the course is a course of ''calculus'', presenting basic maths material and proofs.

Part B (S2)

This course follows "Mathématiques générales, partim A" and will also concerns classical tools of calculus.

Learning outcomes of the course :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

The course is a course of ''calculus'', presenting basic maths material and proofs. The aim is to provide not only techniques, but also a rigourous sense of logic and deduction in the learning.

Part B (S2)

This course follows the first part (A, first semester) and also aims to install basic calculus for scientists.

Prerequisites and co-requisites/ Recommended optional programme components :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

Basic knowledge of students at the end of the secondary school.

Part B (S2)

Basic calculus, first part.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

Precise schedule concerning exercises and theoritical courses will be available the first day («welcome»). Different types of activities are to be organized (details in the program and during welcome); see also the french part of this document.
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

Practical information (schedule, general organization of the quadrimesters,...) will be given during the ''welcome'', ie on the first day of the academic year. This information is also avaible on the web pages of the University and of the Faculty of Sciences of the University.

Part B (S2)

The precise schedule will be available when needed. The course will be tought during the second semester.

Recommended or required readings :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

Notes: information at the beginning of the academic year (syllabus). Many references are given in the syllabus. Important reference: Calculus (with analytic geometry), R. Ellis et D. Gulick, Saunders College Publishing.

Part B (S2)

Specific notes: available January 2014.
Nevertheless an appropriate first reference is already available : notes of" Mathematiques generales B, F. Bastin, 2011-2012" (can be bought at Intercopy'shop and via webpages).
See also many documaents available at

Assessment methods and criteria :  
The final note is obtained using the mean of A and B.

Part A (S1 - Common courses)

The final note is computed using - notes obtained during the year (results of QCM and interrogation) - notes for the written exam in January

Part B (S2)

An interrogation will be organized during the second semester. The note is important for the final note.
The exam will consist in an wrtitten and an oral part.

Work placement(s) :  
Organizational remarks :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

See also web pages dedicated to the course

Part B (S2)

See also the pages at the address

Contacts :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

Department of Mathematics (B37, Parking 32) Grande Traverse 12, 4000 Liège 1 (Sart Tilman)
Françoise Bastin Tel : 04/366.94.74; e-mail:
Jacqueline Crasborn, Christine Amory Assistants pédagogiques, 04/366.95.95, Anthony Corman Assistant 123Sciences 04 366 93 82 Secretary : 04/366.94.10

Part B (S2)

Françoise BASTIN Institut de Mathématique, B37 Téléphone: 04 366 94 74 Email:
Jacqueline CRASBORN, Christine AMORY, assistants pédagogiques et Anthony CORMAN, assistant 123Sciences Institut de Mathématique, B37 Téléphone: 04 366 95 95/93 82 Email:

Items online :  
Part A (S1 - Common courses)

Maths Générales (A)
Notes relatives au cours de Mathématiques générales enseigné au "tronc commun" de la Faculté des Sciences et en 1er bachelier en sciences informatiques

Maths Générales (A)-Exercices
Notes d'exercices relatives au cours de maths générales A

Part B (S2)

Theory and exercises
Pdf files

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