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Academic year 2014-2015Value date : 12/05/2015
MECA0127-1  Active Structures

Duration :  30h Th, 30h Pr
Number of credits :  
Master in Aerospace Engineering, research focus, 2nd year5
Lecturer :  André Preumont
Language(s) of instruction :  
French language
Organisation and examination :  
All year long
Course contents :  
The course is organized as follows: (1) review of structural dynamics for control. (2) Electromagnetic and piezoelectric transducers (3) Transducer integration into active structures. (4) Modeling of active piezoelectric structures: beam, truss, plate. (5) Importance of collocated systems. (6) Active damping of vibration with collocated systems. (7) Vibration isolation. The examples considered are related to space projects.
Learning outcomes of the course :  
Introduction to the dynamics and control of active structures
Prerequisites and co-requisites/ Recommended optional programme components :  
Elementary knowledge in theory of vibrations and linear system theory and feedback control.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :  
Numérical simulations with MATLAB and SAMCEF.
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :  
lectures organized to be compatible with the schedule of the participants. Project supervised by e-mail.
Recommended or required readings :  
Book: Vibration Control of Active Structures, An Introduction. (3nd Edition), Springer, 2011.
Assessment methods and criteria :  
No formal exam. Evaluation based on a project (written report and oral defence).
Work placement(s) :  
Organizational remarks :  
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Items online :  
course support material
The student may refer to the course material of the course MECA-H-524 (Mechatronics) at ULB


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