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Academic year 2014-2015Value date : 12/05/2015
Version 2013-2014
SOCI1088-3  Family Sociology

Duration :  30h Th, 15h SEM
Number of credits :  
Master in Anthropology, in-depth approach, 1st year3
Master in Sociology, in-depth approach, 1st year3
Master in Anthropology, Teaching Focus, 1st year3
Master in Sociology, didactic approach, 1st year3
Master in Anthropology, specialized approach in applied anthropology, 1st year3
Master en anthropologie, à finalité spécialisée en anthropologie des dynamiques sociales et du développement, 1st year3
Master en sociologie, à finalité spécialisée en immigration studies, 1st year3
Master in Sociology, Professional focus in applied sociology, 1st year3
Master in Labour Sciences, Professional Focus, 1st year3
Master in Labour sciences3
Master in Psychology, professional focus in social, work and organizations psychology, 1st year3
Master in Psychology, Professional Focus in Cognitive and Behavioural Neurosciences, 1st year3
Master en sciences psychologiques, à finalité spécialisée en psychologie clinique, 1st year3
Certificat d'université en psychologie clinique à orientation psychopathologie 3
Lecturer :  Claire Gavray
Substitute(s) :  Laurent Nisen
Language(s) of instruction :  
French language
Course contents :  
theoretical approach : historical approach of families and of family sociology (presentation of theories and authors) -discussion of recent research results concerning demography, families and their evolution, family policies, links private life/professional life, intrafamily violences, gender hierarchies...
Learning outcomes of the course :  
to give students the necessary tools for a critical approach and analyse of contemporary phenomena linked with 'family' and families: divorce, monoparentality, professional insertion, gender....
Prerequisites and co-requisites/ Recommended optional programme components :  
nothing else than a high interest for the topic . Pupils are asked to attend a maximum of courses.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :  
reading of papers and meetings with field specialists. Presentation of field surveys and recent data. An oral presentation on a theme is asked.
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :  
Sociologists and researchers are invited ; videos and movies are used ...
! Theoritical course from october > december.
Recommended or required readings :  
several .doc files are regularly added.
Assessment methods and criteria :  
written examination. Asked : capacity of reflexion / concepts and content of the course. Oral presentations of students on various topics are requested as part of the exam. october > december : theoritical course february > april : presentations 50% + 50% in the final results
Work placement(s) :  
Organizational remarks :  
Contacts :  
Claire Gavray , B33


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