Study Programmes 2017-2018
General relativity, Part 3: supplement
Duration :
20h Th
Number of credits :
Master in mathematics (120 ECTS)3
Master in physics (120 ECTS)2
Master in space sciences (120 ECTS)2
Master in mathematics (60 ECTS)3
Master in physics (60 ECTS)2
Lecturer :
Yves De Rop
Language(s) of instruction :
French language
Organisation and examination :
Teaching in the second semester
Units courses prerequisite and corequisite :
Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program
Learning unit contents :
Introducing Einstein field equations of general relativity and some of their physical consequences.
- Stress-energy tensor in special relativity;
- Einstein field equations;
- Spatially homogeneous and isotropic cosmological models;
- Schwarzschild geometrodynamics.
Learning outcomes of the learning unit :
After completing this course, students should be able to learn by themselves and present a simple application of general relativity.
Prerequisite knowledge and skills :
Planned learning activities and teaching methods :
Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning) :
Recommended or required readings :
Lecture notes are available.
Assessment methods and criteria :
In June, oral presentation of an application of the theory.
Work placement(s) :
Organizational remarks :
Contacts :
Yves De Rop
Département d'astrophysique, de géophysique et d'océanographie
Allée du 6 août, 17
Bâtiment B5c, bureau -1/2
4000 - Liège
Items online :
Relativité générale (2017)
Syllabus for the course SPAT0012 (in french).