Study Programmes 2017-2018
Learning units :  
DROI1327-1 Introduction to the laws of war Holder
- Introduction to the laws of war
- English language supplement
DROI8003-2 The Law of Nationality Holder
- European and International Perspectives
- English language supplement
DROI8030-1 Zivilprozesserecht Holder
- Sonderfragen
- Linguistic Complement - German
DROI8031-1 Introduction to the law of robots, including linguistic support Holder
- Law of artificial intelligence, robots and data-driven algorithmic applications
- Supplementary Language Module - English
DROI8032-1 Personen- en familierecht  Holder
- Bijzondere vraagstukken
- Linguistic Complement - Dutch
FIFL0001-1 Introduction to the didactics of FLE (French as a foreign language) Holder
- General conditions for learning
- Introduction to teaching FLE
- Managing an FLE class
- Theory of in-class assessments in FLE
- Comprehension and written expression
- Comprehension and oral expression
- Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECR)
- FLE Phonetics
- Interculturalism
- Multimedia
- Didactics of French-speaking culture
FIFL0002-1 Developing a FLE (French as a foreign language) lesson Holder
- Bibliographical research
- Oral presentation
LANG0001-2 English level 1 Holder
LANG0001-3 English level 1 Holder
LANG0003-2 English level 2 Holder
LANG0030-1 General and Legal German Holder
LANG0031-1 General and Legal Dutch Holder
LANG0038-1 English Holder
LANG0039-2 English 2 Holder
LANG0040-2 English (remedial course) Holder
LANG0041-2 English (Level A) Holder
LANG0042-6 English level 1 Holder
LANG0043-4 German level 1 Holder
LANG0044-6 Dutch level 1 Holder
LANG0045-5 Spanish level 1 Holder
LANG0046-5 English level 2 Holder
LANG0051-1 General and Legal English Holder
LANG0071-1 Advanced English for medical sciences Holder
LANG0076-1 English 1 Holder
LANG0077-1 English 2 Holder
LANG0082-1 English 3 Holder
LANG0083-4 English level 3 Holder
LANG0084-3 Dutch level 3 Holder
LANG0085-1 Basic English for Computing Holder
LANG0086-3 English level 1 Holder
LANG0087-4 English level 2 Holder
LANG0088-2 Dutch level 1 Holder
LANG0089-3 Dutch level 2 Holder
LANG0148-5 Néerlandais niveau 2 Holder
LANG0160-3 German Level 3 Holder
LANG0310-1 Computing English Holder
LANG0310-2 Computing English Holder
LANG0778-1 English level 3 Holder
LANG0805-5 English for Management (L1) Level 4 Holder
LANG0840-1 French, S1 - 1er quadrimestre Holder
LANG0840-2 French, S2 - 2e quadrimestre Holder
LANG0842-2 English (Level B) Holder
LANG0901-3 English B applied to speech therapy Holder
LANG0910-1 Command of the French language Holder
LANG0911-1 Business English 1 (self-study) Holder
LANG0913-1 English - Module 1 : Reading of scientific texts Holder
LANG0913-2 English - Module 1 : Reading of scientific texts Holder
LANG0913-3 English - Module 1 : Reading of scientific texts Holder
LANG0913-4 English - Module 1 : Reading of scientific texts Holder
LANG0918-1 English - Module 3 - Seminar of English used in the human resources management Holder
LANG0920-2 English (Level A) Holder
LANG0921-2 English (Level B) Holder
LANG0922-2 English (Level C) Holder
LANG0924-1 Introduction to sign language in French-speaking Belgium Holder
LANG0933-1 Business English 2 (self-study) Holder
LANG0936-1 Sign language in French-speaking Belgium - depth notions Holder
LANG0986-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Level 4 - Part 1 Holder
LANG0987-1 German level II Holder
LANG0988-1 Advanced English for ICT studies Holder
LANG0995-1 Spanish level 2 Holder
LANG1002-1 English applied to Public health  Holder
LANG1025-2 English (Level C) Holder
LANG1812-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Level 5 - Part 2 Holder
LANG1954-1 French beginner level 1 Holder
LANG1955-1 French beginner level 2 Holder
LANG1956-1 English 3 Holder
LANG1965-1 English 1 Holder
LANG1990-2 English C applied to speech therapy Holder
LANG1993-1 English 2 Holder
LANG1994-1 English (Level B) Holder
LANG2944-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Level 5 - Part 1 Holder
LANG2945-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Beginner Level 2 - Part 1 Holder
LANG2946-1 Business Dutch (L2) level 6 Holder
LANG2961-1 Local culture and language Holder
LANG2967-1 English : Introduction Holder
LANG2967-2 English : Introduction Holder
LANG2971-1 Academic English Writing Holder
LANG2971-2 Academic English Writing Holder
LANG2972-1 English 1 Holder
LANG2973-1 English 2 Holder
LANG2974-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Level 4 - Part 2  Holder
LANG2975-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Beginner Level - Part 2 Holder
LANG2976-1 Dutch for Management (L2), Beginners level - Part 2  Holder
LANG2977-1 Dutch for Management (L2) Level 5 - Part 2 Holder
LANG2979-1 German for engineers, part 2 Holder
LANG2979-2 German for engineers, part 2 Holder
LANG2980-1 English (Level A) - Part 1 Holder
LANG2981-1 English (Level A) - Part 2 Holder
LANG2982-1 English (Level B) - Part 1 Holder
LANG2983-1 English (Level B) - Part 2 Holder
LANG2984-1 english part 1 (level C) Holder
LANG2985-1 English part 2 (level C) Holder
LANG2986-1 English part 1 (level D) Holder
LANG2987-1 English part 2 (level D) Holder
LANG2990-1 English part 1 (level D) Holder
LANG2991-1 English part 2 (level D) Holder
LANG2992-1 English part 1 (level E) Holder
LANG2993-1 English part 2 (level E) Holder
LANG2994-1 Dutch part 1 (level A) Holder
LANG2995-1 dutch part 2 (level A) Holder
LANG2996-1 Dutch part 1 (level B) Holder
LANG2997-1 Dtuch part 2 (level B) Holder
LANG2998-1 german part 1 (level A) Holder
LANG2999-1 German part 2 (level A) Holder
LANG3000-1 German part 1 (level B) Holder
LANG3001-1 German part 2 (level B) Holder
LANG3002-1 Reading legal texts in Dutch Holder
LANG3003-1 Reading of legal texts in English Holder
LANG3004-1 Reading legal texts in German Holder
LANG3013-1 English (remedial course) Holder
LANG3015-1 English language for management Holder
LANG3016-1 English - level 3, part 1 Holder
LANG3017-1 English - level 3, part 2 Holder
LANG3018-1 English 1 Holder
LANG3989-1 Néerlandais niveau 3 Holder
LANG4002-1 Reading test of legal texts in English Holder
LANG4003-1 Reading test of legal texts in Dutch Holder
LANG4004-1 Reading test of legal texts in German Holder
LANG4008-1 Anglais niveaux 1-2 Holder
LANG4009-1 Néerlandais niveaux 1-2 Holder
LANG4010-1 Espagnol niveaux 1-2 Holder