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Academic year 2014-2015Value date : 12/05/2015

Vincent Geenen
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APPR0001-3Techniques of multidisciplinary training per problem of the nervous and immunological systems, of the locomotor apparatus and homeostasis - Integration of knowledgeHolder
APPR0122-4Techniques of multidisciplinary training per problem of the cardiovascular, respiratory, néphro-urinary, hematologic apparatuses - Integration of knowledge.Holder
APPR0141-1Techniques of multidisciplinary training per problem of the digestive, genital, metabolic and endocrinal systems - Integration of knowledge.Holder
BIOL0019-1Introduction to animal embryologyHolder
CAVS0120-6Multidisciplinary approach to the cardiovascular systemHolder
DIGT0120-1Multidisciplinary approach to the digestive systemHolder
EMBR0220-3Embryology of head and neckHolder
LOCO0130-6Multidisciplinary approach to the musculoskeletal systemHolder
MEDE0430-1Biomedical research historyHolder
NERF0130-5Multidisciplinary approach to the nervous system Holder
PHIL1106-1Philosophy and bioethicsHolder
- Part : Philosophy
- Part : Bioethics
PHYL0121-1Multidisciplinary approach to the metabolic and endocrine systems, nutrition and dietetic elementsHolder
REIN0120-7Multidisciplinary approach to the nephrology and urinary systemHolder
RESP0120-6Multidisciplinary approach to the respiratory systemHolder
SBIM0483-1Cytokine chemokine signallingHolder
SEXL0120-1Multidisciplinary approach to the genital systemHolder
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