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Marc Vanderthommen
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EDPH0681-1Operational aspects of adapted physical activity, including palpatory anatomy of the limbs and spine, including the head and neckHolder
EDPH0682-1Programming of adapted physical activities (geriatrics, pathologies ...)Holder
EDPH0690-1Sport physiotherapyHolder
KINE0510-1Introduction to physiotherapy and rehabilitationHolder
KINE0540-1Sports and rehabilitation activities adapted to handicapsHolder
KINE0546-2Training of the therapeutic reasoning of kinesitherapy (ARTK)Holder
KINE0547-1Multidisciplinary approach to physiotherapy treatments at the patients bedsideHolder
KINE0641-1Basics motor and psychomotor activities - theoryHolder
KINE0642-1Basics motor and psychomotor activities - practiceHolder
KINE0646-1Basics motor and psychomotor activitiesHolder
MSTG0520-1Training courses (specific physiotherapy, locomotor apparatus - parts : I and II)Holder
MSTG0530-2Training courses of physiotherapy (part I)Holder
NERF0535-2Multidisciplinary approach to the nervous system (physiotherapy) - TheoryHolder
- Part 1 : Physiotherapy
- Part 2 : Electrotherapy
- Part 3 : Neuropediatrics rehabilities
RACH0536-3Multidisciplinary approach pathology-kinesitherapy of the spine - PracticeHolder
- Part I : Techniques of spinal rehabilitation
- Part II : Palpatory anatomy, including head and neck
RACH0630-4Multidisciplinary approach to the vertebral column and sportsHolder
- Part I : Anatomy
- Part II : Biomechanics
- Part III : Maintenance and evaluation
- Part IV : Traumatology
- Part V : Spinal deviations
RACH0631-1Multidisciplinary approach pathology - spine physiotherapy - TheoryHolder
- Part 1 : Anatomy
- Part 2 : Biomecanics
- Part 3 : Special pathology
- Part 4 : Techniques of spinal rehabilitation
- Part 5 : Sport and spine
- Part 6 : Spine surgery
- Part 7 : Prevention at work
- Part 8 : Palpatory anatomy, including head and neck
- Part 9 : Introduction to manual therapy
- Part 10 : Problem based learning
SEXL0751-3Psychology and sexuality, including therapyHolder
- Medical and sexuality psychology,
- Psychological approach to sexuality problems and their treatments,
- Physiotherapy approach to sexuality problems,
- Models and implications for sex therapy,
This list includes only courses of the 1st and 2nd cycles.

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