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Thierry Meulemans
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MCER0222-1Neuropsychiatric specialities moduleHolder
- Further training in neurosurgery in terms of healing physical injury
- Further training in psychiatry in terms of healing physical injury
- Concepts of legal psychiatry
- Expert neuropsychic examinations
PSYC0021-1Cognitive neuropsychologyHolder
PSYC0090-1Child neuropsychologyHolder
PSYC0091-1Neuropsychology of elderlyHolder
PSYC0094-1Neuropsychological test : practical workHolder
PSYC0095-1Neuropsychological rehabilitationHolder
PSYC0096-1Assessment and diagnosis methods in neuropsychologyHolder
PSYC1013-1Clinical neuropsychologyHolder
PSYC1084-4Specific questions on clinical neurosphychologyHolder
YCER0047-1Seminar on drafting professional psycho-legal expert reportsHolder
YCER0064-1The role of neuropsychological evaluation in expert assessmentsHolder
YCER0073-1Cognitive evaluation in the context of expert assessment: principles and methods (including the expert report)Holder
YCER0074-1Consequences of slight and moderate head injuries (including differential diagnosis and confounding factorsHolder
YCER0075-1Assessing lack of effortHolder
YCER0078-1Analytical seminar : a neuropsychology case studyHolder
YTRA0004-1Introductory work to research in clinical neuropsychologyHolder
This list includes only courses of the 1st and 2nd cycles.

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