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Patrick Emonts
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GYNE0160-4Gynecology and obstetricsHolder
GYNE2050-1Inter-university theory teachingHolder
- Normal obstetrics and childbirth in the home
- Doctor-patient relationship
- Sexology
- Deontology and ethics in reproductive health
- Reproductive health
- Puberty - Contraception - Menopause
- Gynaecology imaging
GYNE2051-1Inter-university theory teachingHolder
- Obstructed delivery, 2nd year
- Ultrasound scan, 1st and 3rd semesters
- Obstetric pathology, 2nd year
- Benign gynaecological pathology
- Senology : screening, diagnosis, benign pathologies, endocrinian aspects
- Colposcopy, 2nd year
- Medical information (documentary research, Internet, Mdeline) and Statistics, 2nd year
GYNE2052-1Inter-university theory teachingHolder
- Fetal medicine
- Ultrasound scan, 2nd semester
- Advanced obstetric pathology
- Gynaecological pathology : surgical aspect
- Pathological endocrinology
- Senology : malignancies
- Vulvovaginal disorders
- Maternal and neonatal resuscitation, 3rd year
MEDE1163-2Incorporation of competencesHolder
- Surgery
- Medicine
- Paediatrics
- Gynaecology and obstetrics
- Workshop of complex problem solving
- Ambulatory medicine
- Palliative and End of Life Medicine
- Critical Analysis of Alternative Practices
- Questions of ethics (conferences)
- Pathological anatomy
- Administrative and organizational aspects of medicine
MTRA2005-1Pathological and clinical prevention in professional appointmentsHolder
- Part 1 : Internal medicine
- Part 3 : ENT and audiometry
- Part 4 : Ophthalmology
- Part V : Protection of pregnant women
- Part 6 : X-Ray Diagnostics of the locomotor apparatus
PATH0003-1Mother-child, hematology-infectiology-immunology-rheumatology, metabolism-diabetes-endocrinial system, renal, dermatologie modulesHolder
- Biology and pathologies of foetuses and new-born babies
- Haematologic, immune, articular and infectious pathologies
- Metabolic and endocrinal pathologies
- Renal pathologies
- Dermatopathologies
- Integration of knowledge including learning in clinical reasoning
URGC0754-1Gynaecology and paediatrics in intensive and emergency careHolder
- Part I : Mother and Child : Emergencies and intensive care
- Part II : Paediatric resuscitation
This list includes only courses of the 1st and 2nd cycles.

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