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Stéphane Adam
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GERI0750-1Sociology, psychology and rights of the elderlyHolder
- Sociology and Ageing,
- Psychology and guidance of elderly patients,
- Private Law Aspects Pertaining to the Protection of the Elderly and the Management of their Personal Assets,
GERI1002-1Medical and geriatric approach to agingHolder
PSYC0053-2In-depth seminar on ageingHolder
PSYC0091-1Neuropsychology of elderlyHolder
PSYC0099-1Psychology and support of elderlyHolder
PSYC1055-1Clinical psychology of senescenceHolder
PSYC1092-1Psychosocial Aspects of AgeingHolder
YTRA0006-1Introductory work to research in clinical psychopathologyHolder
This list includes only courses of the 1st and 2nd cycles.

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