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Charlotte Sandersen
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VCER0039-1Intensive care and hospitalizationHolder
VCER2025-1Anesthesia of pet animalsHolder
VDOC0014-1Compléments d'anesthésie chez les animaux de compagnie ou chez les équidésHolder
VDOC0046-7Compléments de médecine interne équine , Partim pneumologie et d'oto-rhino-laryngologieHolder
VETE0043-2Anaesthesia and rescucitation of domestic animalsHolder
VETE0077-1Surgery, outpatient care and reproduction in petsHolder
VETE0083-1Hospitalisations, intensive care of pet animals and emergency shiftsHolder
VETE0084-2Internal medicine and anaesthesiology of pet animalsHolder
VETE0100-3Anaesthesiology and perioperative intensive care of horsesHolder
VETE0102-1Anaesthesia of pet animalsHolder
VETE0450-1Companion Animal ClinicsHolder
- Internal medicine of companion animals
- Internal medicine and anaesthesiology of companion animals
- Surgery and reproduction of companion animals
- Surgery and outpatient clinic of pets
- Emergencies, hospitalisations, intensive care and emergency shifts
- Medical imaging of domestic animals
- Birds, lagomorpha and rodent medicine
VETE0451-1Equine clinicHolder
- Equine surgery and limping
- Internal medicine and reproduction of equids
- Anaesthesiology and semiology applied to clinical cases of equids
VETE0452-1Equine anaesthesia, sports medicine and intensive care and emergency shiftsHolder
VETE0477-1Anesthesiology in pets, including new pets (unconventional mammals, birds, reptiles)Holder
This list includes only courses of the 1st and 2nd cycles.

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