Study Programmes 2017-2018
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Notice : This programme is only accessible to the holders of a master degree in law, professional focus in management.
Compulsory courses (B1 : 37Cr)
 Audit (english language) - Félix Fank
 Business Simulation - Wilfried Niessen - [30h Mon. WS]
 Change Management (english language) - Olivier Lisein
 Analytical accounting and management control - Anne Chanteux
 Corporate Finance - Lectures and Seminars (english language) - Marie Lambert
 Management Information Systems (english language) - Ashwin Ittoo
 Quantitative Methods in Management (english language)
 Part : Operations Research - Yasemin Arda
 Part : Statistics - Cédric Heuchenne
 Strategic Marketing Seminar (english language) - Zelal Ates, Anne-Christine   Cadiat, Cécile Delcourt, Michael Ghilissen, Jean Tondeur
Optional courses (B1 : 38Cr)
Choose one of the following courses : (B1 : 5Cr)
 Financial statement analysis and financing an enterprise
Notice : les étudiants qui ont déjà suivi le cours FIN0001-1 sont invités à suivre le cours GEST3029-1
 International Strategy (english language) - Nathalie Crutzen
Choose one of the following courses : (B1 : 3Cr)
 Business Ethics (english language) - Virginie Xhauflair
 Digital Business (english language) - André Blavier
 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (english language) - Zineb Aouni, Bernard Surlemont
Single focus (B1 : 30Cr)
Professional focus in law and management
 Law and Management seminar
 In-depth corporate law : legal and financial aspects - Roman Aydogdu, Alexandre De Streel
 Company financing - Frédéric Georges, Aline Muller, Wilfried Niessen
 Public sector and public-private partnership - Ann Lawrence Durviaux, Axel Gautier
 Socio-organizational innovations : legal and managerial issues - Jacques Clesse, Olivier Lisein
 Conduct & Compliance in Banking - Georges Hübner, Benoit Waltregny
 Internship - N...
Choose one of the following courses : (B1 : 5Cr)
 Business Dutch (L2) level 6 - ISLV, Fanny Novakovic
 Business Dutch (L2) beginners 3 - Fanny Novakovic
Notice : Students are exempted from the final work because of the interdisciplinary final work they realized in their master in law, professional focus in law and management.