Study Programmes 2017-2018
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 30Cr, B2 : 30Cr)
 Basis of marketing - Cécile Delcourt
 Business English 1 (self-study) (english language) - ISLV, Kevin Noiroux - [30h AUTR]
 General Acountancy (Evening classes) - Wilfried Niessen
 Civil, commercial and corporate law, contracts and responsibility - Laurent  Stas de Richelle
 Organizations management - Olivier Lisein
 Business Simulation - Louis Esch, Wilfried Niessen
 Corporate Finance - Pascal Depraetere, Sigrid Vandemaele
 Final work - Collégialité
Optional courses (B1 : 30Cr, B2 : 30Cr)
Choose one option from the following : (B1 : 30Cr)
Option : General management (B1 : 30Cr)
 Workshop in People Management
 Change management - Christina Constantinidis
 Management by objectives - Fabrice De Zanet, Fabienne Pironet
 Business taxation (direct and indirect)
 Part 1 : direct taxation - Michel Deprez, Michel Deprez
 Part 2 : indirect taxation - Vincent Sepulchre
 Human resources management - Frédéric Naedenoen
 Operations and Quality Management - Thierry Pironet
 Marketing digital - Michael Ghilissen
 Preparation to the Final Work - Marc Alexandre
Option : MBA (B1 : 30Cr)
Notice : prerequisites for having access to the professional focus in MBA in block 2
 Entrepreneurship and Business Modeling (english language) - Bernard Surlemont
 International Business Law (english language) - Markus Fredebeul-Krein - [24h SEM]
 International Marketing (english language) - Piet Pauwels - [24h SEM]
 International Public Affairs and CSR (english language) - Jean Lahaut
 Strategic and Market Finance (english language) - Marie Lambert - [24h SEM]
 The Firm's Competitive Environment (english language) - Markus Fredebeul-Krein - [24h SEM]
Choose one focus from the following : (B2 : 30Cr)
Professional focus in General Management (B2 : 30Cr)
 Business English 2 (self-study) (english language) - ISLV, Kevin Noiroux - [30h AUTR]
 Introduction to Management Accountancy - Anne Chanteux
 Management Information Systems - André Blavier, Ashwin Ittoo
 Skills Portfolio Workshops - Louis Esch, David Homburg
 Finance and insurance principles - Marie Lambert
 Management control and corporate strategy seminar - Anne Chanteux, Nathalie Crutzen
Professional focus in MBA (B2 : 30Cr)
Notice : Focus open to students who have taken the MBA option in bloc 1
 Strenght-based Change (english language) - Frank Lambrechts - [24h SEM]
 Economical, ethical and technological Impacts (english language) - Markus Fredebeul-Krein - [24h SEM]
 International Project Management (english language) - Thierry Chantraine - [24h SEM]
 Strategic Intelligence, Design and Innovation (english language) - Wolfram  Pietsch - [24h SEM]
 People and Self Management (english language) - Hilda Martens
 Business Process Management (english language) - Koen Vanhoof