Study Programmes 2017-2018
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 30Cr)
 In-depth financial analysis and reporting - Julien Henri
 Business Valuation - Alexandre Streel
 Fixed Income Securities
 Final work - Collégialité
Optional courses (B1 : 30Cr)
Choose one option from the following : (B1 : 30Cr)
Option 1 : Finance (B1 : 30Cr)
 International financial economy - Leif Van Neuss
 Bank management - Bruno Colmant, Walter Matyja
 Financial Derivatives - Vincent Delfosse
 Financial modelling and portfolio management - Louis Esch
 Life insurance operations - Anne Gollier
 Financial Operations - Luc Berg
 Financial Risk Management - Laurent Balthazar
Option 2 : Analysis, Control and Auditing (B1 : 30Cr)
Choose courses totalling 30 ECTS out of the following : (B1 : 30Cr)
 Computer audits and IT systems - Sandrine Kleinhans
 Advanced internal Audit - Dominique Hermans
 Internal Audit - Dominique Hermans
 External Audit - Alexis Palm
 Consolidation - Cédric Antonelli
 External Audit (seminar) - Christophe Colson
 Accounting law - Christian Schmetz
 Corporate Law - Isabelle Corbisier
 Introduction to Corporate Governance - Isabelle Corbisier
 Legal requirements and professional norms concerning the legal control of accounts and legal controllers - Dominique Hermans
 Deontology and independence
Notice : With the agreement of the jury, students may follow classes from those offered within the Masters in Management Engineering and Masters in Management Sciences (day).