Programme des cours 2016-2017
Vue cycle du programme des coursBlOrThPrAuCr
Depending on your track record or your professional/research focus, some prerequisites/corequisites of your first year program might appear in bloc 2. You are therefore invited to go through the list of courses suggested in bloc 2 even if you enroll for the first time in this master program.
To complete their curriculum, students must earn or validate the 90 credits of the compulsory courses (including the master thesis) and 30 credits from the research focus.
Ideally, students enrolling in the master program should have acquired the skills and knowledge corresponding to the 40 credits in "Physics" offered as part of the bachelor program in engineering.
Compulsory courses (B1 : 60Cr, B2 : 30Cr)

Applied physics
 Physical chemistry (anglais) - Bernard Leyh
Corequis :
PHYS0211-3 - Mécanique quantique
 Semiconductor devices (anglais) - Benoît Vanderheyden
Corequis :
ELEN0076-1 - Electromagnétisme
 Advanced solid mechanics (anglais) - Jean-Philippe Ponthot - [30h Proj.]
Corequis :
MECA0036-2 - Finite Element Method
 Continuum Mechanics (anglais) - Jean-Philippe Ponthot - [50h Proj.]
 Physical chemistry of interfaces (anglais) - Cédric Gommes
Experimental methods
 Microfluidics (anglais) - Tristan Gilet - [16h Labo., 14h Proj.]
 Sensors, microsensors and instrumentation (anglais) - Philippe Vanderbemden - [20h Labo.]
Modelling and design methods
 Modelling with partial differential equations (anglais) - Maarten Arnst, Romain Boman - [25h Proj.]
Corequis :
MECA0025-3 - Mécanique des fluides
 High performance scientific computing (anglais) - Christophe Geuzaine - [20h Proj.]
 Perturbation methods (anglais) - Vincent Denoël
 Linear control systems (anglais) - Guillaume Drion - [6h Labo.]
 Multiphysics integrated computational project (anglais) - Romain Boman, Christophe Geuzaine - [70h Proj.]
Corequis :
MATH2015-1 - Perturbation methods
INFO0939-1 - High performance scientific computing
MATH0024-1 - Modelling with partial differential equations
 Personal experimental project (anglais) - Tristan Gilet - [60h Proj.]
 Travail de fin d'études (en ce compris une introduction à la méthodologie de la recherche) - Benoît Vanderheyden - [750h Proj.]
 Principles of management (anglais) - Michael Ghilissen, François Pichault, Thierry Pironet, Didier Van Caillie - Suppl : Fanny Fox
Optional courses (B2 : 30Cr)
Single focus (B2 : 30Cr)
Research focus (B2 : 30Cr)
Choose one of the three following options : (B2 : 15Cr)
Fluids (B2 : 15Cr)
 Complex fluids and non-Newtonian flows (anglais) - Vincent Terrapon
Prérequis :
MECA0025-3 - Mécanique des fluides
 Irréversibilité, instabilités et chaos - Pierre Dauby
 Geophysical fluid dynamics - part 1 (anglais) - Jean-Marie Beckers
Solids (B2 : 15Cr)
 Large deformation of solids (anglais) - Jean-Philippe Ponthot - [60h Proj.]
 Fracture mechanics, damage and fatigue (anglais) - Ludovic Noels - [75h Proj.]
 Mechanical properties of biological and bioinspired materials (anglais) - Davide Ruffoni
Materials and electronics (B2 : 15Cr)
 Superconductivity (anglais) - Philippe Vanderbemden - [15h Labo.]
 Physics of electrical insulating materials (anglais) - Philippe Vanderbemden - [15h Labo.]
 Electrochemical energy conversion and storage (anglais) - Nathalie Job - [15h Labo.]
 Nanoelectronics / Optoelectronics (anglais) - Benoît Vanderheyden - [40h Proj.]
Choose 15 credits among : (B2 : 15Cr)
[...]in either another option, an internship, or in the list of optional courses below :-
[...]subject to the approval of the Cycle jury, up to 10 credits can be chosen in the ULg course programme-
Optional courses
The subjects MECA0036-2, ELEN0076-1, MECA0025-3 and PHYS0211-3 are corequisite to some compulsory courses of the master program. They must be taken as a priority, unless they were already taken as part of the bachelor in engineering, or unless the corresponding knowledge and skills have been acquired previously.
 Finite Element Method (anglais) - Jean-Philippe Ponthot - [40h Proj.]
 Electromagnétisme - Patricia Rousseaux, Benoît Vanderheyden
 Mécanique des fluides - Eric Delhez - [30h Proj.]
 Mécanique quantique - John Martin

 Computational fluid dynamics (anglais) - Vincent Terrapon - [10h Labo.]
 Microscopies électroniques - Philippe Compère
 Heterogeneous catalysis (anglais) - Nathalie Job - [10h Proj.]
 Characterisation of Biomaterials (anglais) - Edwin De Pauw, Marie-Claire Gillet
 Modelling and design of electromagnetic systems (anglais) - Patrick Dular, Christophe Geuzaine
 Computational geometry (anglais) - Eric Béchet - [95h Proj.]
 Structural and multidisciplinary optimization (anglais) - Pierre Duysinx, Patricia Tossings - [18h Proj.]
 Theory of vibration (anglais) - Jean-Claude Golinval - [30h Proj.]
 Reliability and stochastic modeling of engineering systems (anglais) - Maarten Arnst - [28h Proj.]
 New methods in computational mechanics (anglais) - Maarten Arnst, Eric Béchet, Ludovic Noels - [40h Proj.]
 (pas organisé en 2016-2017) Environmental hydrodynamics (anglais) - Benjamin Dewals
 Introduction into polymer physics including plasturgy - Klaus Keck-Antoine
 Introduction to numerical optimization (anglais) - Quentin Louveaux - [25h Proj.]
 Scientific research in engineering and its impact on innovation (anglais) - Rodolphe Sepulchre
 Personal student project (anglais) - Bernard Boigelot, Collégialité - [150h Proj.]
 Internship (anglais) - Collégialité, Tristan Gilet