Programme des cours 2016-2017
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Notice : All the lectures are given in English, at the premises of SCK-CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Center. The laboratory exercises make use of the nuclear facilities of SCK-CEN. Various technical visits are organised to research and industrial nuclear facilities.
Compulsory modules (B1 : 51Cr)
 Nuclear energy : introduction (anglais) - N... - [10h Vis.]
 Introduction to nuclear physics and measurements (anglais) - N...
 Safety of nuclear power plants (anglais) - N...
 Nuclear materials (anglais)
 Nuclear fuel cycle (anglais) - Hubert Druenne, Pierre Van Iseghem
 Nuclear reactor theory (anglais) - N...
 Nuclear thermal hydraulics (anglais) - N...
 Radiation protection (anglais) - N...
 Master thesis (anglais) - N...
Optionnal courses (B1 : 9Cr)
Elective modules (9 crédits to be chosen from the list below) (B1 : 9Cr)
 Advanced nuclear reactor physics and technology (anglais) - N...
 Advanced nuclear materials (anglais)
 Advanced radiation protection/radiation ecology (anglais) - N...
 Advanced courses of the nuclear fuel cycle (anglais) - N...
 Nuclear and radiological risk governance (anglais) - N...
 Advanced course elective topic (anglais) - Collégialité