Study Programmes 2016-2017
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Compulsory courses (B1 : 42Cr, B2 : 42Cr)
 Advanced Microeconomics (english language) - Julien Jacqmin
 Advanced Macroeconomics (english language) - Lionel Artige
 Industrial Organization (english language) - Axel Gautier
 Games and Information Economics (english language) - Axel Gautier
 International Trade Economics (english language) - Joseph Tharakan
 Public finance (english language) - Alain Jousten
 Labor economics (english language) - Mathieu Lefebvre
 Advanced Econometrics (english language) - Lionel Artige, Bernard Lejeune
 International Macroeconomics (english language) - Lionel Artige
 History of Economic Thought (english language) - Michaël Assous
 Portfolio of competence - Louis Esch, David Homburg
 Final work - Collégialité
Optional courses (B1 : 18Cr, B2 : 28Cr)
Depending on his professional focus, the student will choose courses totalling 10 credits among : (B2 : 10Cr)
 Placement - Collégialité
Notice : Placement aimed at students with a professional focus or research focus
[...]Courses from the Master in Economics and/or Master in education-
Notice : students enrolled in the teaching focus are invited to replace the placement with a choice of courses from among all the courses in the Master in economics programme and/or a course from the Faculty of Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, and Education's programme, with the agreement of the person in charge of the teaching focus.
Choose two courses out of the following : (B1 : 1Nbr, B2 : 1Nbr)
Notice : access to basic-level language courses is subject to a number of requirements - see the HEC regulations
[...]One level 4 course or basic level 13
 German 4 - Marie Mawhin
 Advanced German 4 - Sylvia Deroose
 Spanish 4 - Véronique Peiffer
 Advanced Spanish 4 - Nicole Grutman
 Italian 4 - Christine Hanon
 Advanced Italian 4 - Christine Hanon
 Dutch 4 - Nicole Engelen, Baudoin Yans
 Advanced Dutch 4 - Lutgarde Nachtergaele
 Elementary German 1 - Marie Mawhin
 Elementary Spanish 1 - Alexis Alvarez Barbosa
 Elementary Dutch 1 - Doris De Laet
 French beginner level 1 - ISLV, Marielle Maréchal
Notice : The course LANG1954-1 is only open to non-French speaking foreign students
[...]One level 5 course or basic level 23
 German 5 - Marie Mawhin
Prerequisite :
LANG1925-1 - Allemand 4
 Advanced German 5 - Sylvia Deroose
Prerequisite :
LANG1926-1 - Allemand avancé 4
 Spanish 5 - Nicole Grutman
Prerequisite :
LANG1927-1 - Espagnol 4
 Advanced Spanish 5 - Véronique Peiffer
Prerequisite :
LANG1928-1 - Espagnol avancé 4
 Italian 5 - Christine Hanon
Prerequisite :
LANG1929-1 - Italien 4
 Advanced Italian 5 - Christine Hanon
Prerequisite :
LANG1930-1 - Italien avancé 4
 Dutch 5 - Nicole Engelen, Lutgarde Nachtergaele
Prerequisite :
LANG1931-1 - Néerlandais 4
 Advanced Dutch 5 - Lutgarde Nachtergaele
Prerequisite :
LANG1932-1 - Néerlandais avancé 4
 Elementary German 2 - Sylvia Deroose
Prerequisite :
LANG1933-1 - Allemand élémentaire 1
 Elementary Spanish 2 - Alexis Alvarez Barbosa, Véronique Peiffer
Prerequisite :
LANG1934-1 - Espagnol élémentaire 1
 Elementary Dutch 2 - Doris De Laet
Prerequisite :
LANG1936-1 - Néerlandais élémentaire 1
 French beginner level 2 - ISLV, Marielle Maréchal
Prerequisite :
LANG1954-1 - French beginner level 1
Choose one focus from the following : (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 15Cr)
Professional focus in Economics and Society (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 15Cr)
 Applied Microeconometrics (english language) - Julien Jacqmin
Choose courses totalling 25 ECTS from the following : (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 10Cr)
 Public finance and economic policy in Belgium and Europe - Bernard Jurion, Didier Reynders
 Introduction to health economics - Fabienne Fecher-Bourgeois
 Social Entrepreneurship and the Social Economy (english language) - Jacques Defourny
 Public Economics (english language) - Alain Jousten
 Economics of Development - Joseph Tharakan
 Economics of Innovation (english language) - Lionel Artige
 European Economics (english language) - Joseph Tharakan
 Economic Geography (english language) - Joseph Tharakan
 European competition law - Nicolas Petit
 Economics of Competition and Regulation (english language) - Axel Gautier
 Environmental and Energy Economics (english language) - Julien Jacqmin
Professional focus in Economics and Finance (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 15Cr)
 Monetary Economics (english language) - Thomas Lejeune
Choose courses totalling 25 ECTS from the following : (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 10Cr)
 Investments and Portfolio Management (english language) - Georges Hübner
 Banking and Insurance (english language) - Fabien Boniver, Georges Hübner
 Financial Derivatives (english language) - Aline Muller - Suppl : Tarik Bazgour
 Financial Mathematics and Stochastic Calculus (english language) - Louis Esch
 Empirical Methods in Financial Markets - Theory and Applications (english language) - Cédric Heuchenne
 Law and Taxation of Financial Institutions - Denis-Emmanuel Philippe
 Advanced Corporate Finance and Modeling (english language) - Marie Lambert
 Financial Economics (english language) - Georges Hübner
 Financial Data Modeling and Analysis (english language) - Laurent Bodson
 Financial Risk Modeling (english language) - Fabien Boniver, Marie Lambert
 Fund Industry (english language) - Danielle Sougné
 Financial Risk Management (english language) - Georges Hübner
 International Finance (english language) - Aline Muller
Teaching focus (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 15Cr)
 General didactics: course and exercises ; observation placements ; reflexive practices - Annick Fagnant - [10h Internship]
 Educational Psychology of adolescents and young adults - Annick Fagnant
 Elements of sociology of education - Jean-François Guillaume
 Analysis of scolastic institutions and key-players, educational policies - Dominique Lafontaine - Suppl : Marie-Thérèse Delhoune
 Media education - Jérémy Hamers
 Special teaching - course and exercises, part 1 - Jean-Marie Dujardin
 Teaching practice (including observation practice, teaching practice and reflexive practical work), part 1 - Jean-Marie Dujardin
 Professional ethics and training to neutrality and citizenship - Anne Herla
 Understand and manage the diversity of public schools - Ariane Baye
 Interdisciplinary focus - Annick Fagnant
 Special teaching - course and exercises, Part 2 - Jean-Marie Dujardin
 Teaching practice (including observation practice, teaching practice and reflexive practical work), Part 2 - Jean-Marie Dujardin
Research Focus (B1 : 15Cr, B2 : 15Cr)
 Training Seminar for Research in Economics - Joseph Tharakan
 Work related to the Final Thesis - Collégialité
[...]Choose courses and seminars of other faculties or universities totalling 15 ECTS-