Study Programmes 2016-2017
Cycle view of the study programmeBlOrThPrOtCr
Prerequisites (B1 : 10Cr)
Notice : Students admitted on the basis of an application for the ¿Public Management¿ option may be invited, depending on their prior academic training, to attend the following additional courses :
 Introduction to political economy - Bernard Jurion
 Introduction to management - Paul Laurent - Suppl : Maria Niculescu
Compulsory courses (B1 : 15Cr)
 Final Work - Collégialité
Optional courses (B1 : 45Cr)
Choose one module depending on the choice of optional subject : (B1 : 15Cr)
Module aimed at students from the Corporate Management option (B1 : 15Cr)
 Change Management (english language) - Olivier Lisein
 Strategic Marketing (english language) - Zelal Ates, Anne-Christine   Cadiat, Cécile Delcourt, Michael Ghilissen, Jean Tondeur
 Corporate Finance - Lectures and Seminars (english language) - Joachim Heukmes, Marie Lambert
Module aimed at students from the Public Management option (B1 : 15Cr)
 Human resources management in the public sector - François Pichault
 Marketing adapted to the public sector - Jean Tondeur
 Management control adapted to the public sector - Anne Chanteux
Choose one option from the following : (B1 : 30Cr)
Option 1 : Corporate Management (B1 : 30Cr)
 International Strategy (english language) - Nathalie Crutzen, Nicolas Neysen
 Management Information Systems (english language) - Ashwin Ittoo
 Quantitative Methods in Management (english language)
 Part : Operations Research - Yasemin Arda
 Part : Statistics - Cédric Heuchenne
 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (english language) - Benjamin Huybrechts, Bernard Surlemont
 Business Ethics (english language) - Virginie Xhauflair
 Digital Business (english language) - André Blavier
Choose one of the following courses : (B1 : 3Cr)
 Private International Law (english language) - Geert Van Calster
 International and Belgian Taxation (english language) - Eric von Frenckell
Notice : The course DROI0929-2 is not accessible to students who passed a course of tax law
Choose one of the following courses : (B1 : 2Cr)
 Development of managerial skills - Jean-Marie Dujardin, Jocelyne Robert
 Managerial Skills Development (english language) - Jean-Marie Dujardin
Notice : The course GEST3130-1 is only open to non-French speaking foreign students
Choose one of the following courses : (B1 : 3Cr)
Notice : access to basic-level language courses is subject to a number of requirements - see the HEC regulations
 German 4 - Marie Mawhin
 Advanced German 4 - Sylvia Deroose
 Spanish 4 - Véronique Peiffer
 Advanced Spanish 4 - Nicole Grutman
 Italian 4 - Christine Hanon
 Advanced Italian 4 - Christine Hanon
 Dutch 4 - Nicole Engelen, Baudoin Yans
 Advanced Dutch 4 - Lutgarde Nachtergaele
 Elementary German 1 - Marie Mawhin
 Elementary Spanish 1 - Alexis Alvarez Barbosa
 Elementary Dutch 1 - Doris De Laet
 French beginner level 1 - ISLV, Marielle Maréchal
Notice : this cours is only open to non-French speaking students
Option 2 : Public management (programme in collaboration with ESFAM - Bulgaria) (B1 : 30Cr)
 Political, economic and social challenges in Europe and over the world - Michel Hermans
 Management of the public sector (principles, evolution of theories and practices, information system) - Christian Serradji
 Economy of public finances - Bernard Jurion
Choose one module from : (B1 : 20Cr)
Module 1 : European Business Management (B1 : 20Cr)
 Governance and european institutions
 Democracy and governance - Michel Hermans
 European institutions - Michel Hermans
 European law - Ivan Boev
 European Structural Funds - Margarita Shivergueva
 European public policies
 fiscal policy - Isabelle Richelle
 Sectoral policies. Analysis and Issues - Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans
 European project setup
 Installation of European projects - Erol Külahci
 Operational management of European projects - Erol Külahci
Module 2 : public institutions management (B1 : 20Cr)
 Organisation and decision-making in public institutions
 organisations and Strategic approach of the public action - Emil Turc
 Performance management of public institutions
 Management of local authorities - Said Yahiaoui
 Public law - Radu Iulian Raduletu
 Accountancy and financial management of public institutions - Wilfried Niessen
 Purchase and procurement contract - Laura Marinas
 Project Management
 Project Assembly and Funding - Dimitar Pehlivanov
 Project Evaluation and Operational Management - Dimitar Pehlivanov
Additional ECTS Master in management (60 ECTS)
Optional courses (B0 : 60Cr)
Each student¿s programme will be determined by the jury depending on their prior training; it will include 60 course credits essentially taken from those proposed below (exemptions of up to 15 credits may be awarded if students can provide proof in their application that they have acquired the minimum equivalent in their previous course). (B0 : 60Cr)
 Financial statement analysis and financing an enterprise - Jacques Berwart
 Analysis of organizations - Jocelyne Robert
 English 3 - 1st part - Lucie Gillet, Xuan Giang Nguyen
 English 3 - 2nd part - Madeleine-Marie Hubin
 Cost Accounting - Anne Chanteux
 Strategic Human Resources Management - François Pichault - Suppl : Frédéric Naedenoen
 Computing and digital transformation - André Blavier, Alain Dubois, Eric Vyncke
 Introduction to Political Economy - Henry-Jean Gathon
 Law and businesses - Jacques Defer
 Financial Markets - Georges Hübner, Danielle Sougné - Suppl : Georges Hübner
 Principles of marketing - Jean Tondeur
 Microeconomics and industrial economy - Axel Gautier, Bernard Thiry
 Business simulation - Wilfried Niessen - [30h Mon. WS]
 Supply Chain Management, (French) - Thierry Pironet
 Mathematics (part 1) - Pascal Dupont
 Mathematics (part 2) - Pascal Dupont
 Statistics - Isabelle Pays